Stopping Advertising to Save Money Is Like Parking Your Car to Save Fuel


METHODOLOGY. We believe in the effectiveness in marketing medium to reach out consumers, rather than focusing on particular marketing channel that is popular to deploy alias generate more revenue to the agency.

Marketing world has shifted tremendously from offline-centric, to online-centric due to the rise of consumers flooding the digital world for their daily necessities, shopping, transacting, reading news, etc.  Compared to traditional marketing, online efforts are easy to measure and, interestingly enough, often less expensive if done correctly.

Having said the importance of digital marketing, many times marketeer never realised that the competition to appear in the digital world gets more expensive and it takes so much more effort to be special one that is chosen by your consumers.

HOW WE DO IT. We always try to understand your business model first than jump straight to give you templated solutions. OFFLINE (OFF) and ONLINE (ON) Marketing have to be used to supplement your Brand and Product differentiation.

Not all industries, brands and products can behave the same manner. If everyone doing the same, how different can you be to your competitor?



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Offline marketing has not lose all its shine yet, but of course its glorious day has been behind us for some reason. It's still effective in certain way even to the tech company. Most of e-commerce companies are still building their brand offline and spending big marketing dollars. For example, Shopee choose Christiano Ronaldo to promote their brand and maybe you've come across their advertisement on the roads.



The success of marketing campaign not only determined by the online marketing plan, it also depends on the effectiveness of the offline marketing. And, when online combined together with offline marketing plan, Brands see a compounding effect on their marketing result. In fact, a study by iProspect reveals that offline marketing influences up to 40% of online shoppers to make a purchase.

Offline Marketing channel

1) Adverts – Newspaper, magazine, directories. 

The success of this channel of marketing depends on finding the right paper, magazine, directories to meet your branding and marketing goal.  You need to understand your target market and select your spot carefully and make sure is optimised with other marketing channel. 

2) Media advertising – Radio

Radio advertising surprisingly still have good response if do it right. Many people are still using radio in their offices, shops, hair salons, supermarket, and other outlets, and even sometimes in the car. You will have the opportunity to use the local voice of your radio station to help a mass audience hear your message all at the same time so you may want to really consider this in your marketing channel. 

3) Prints Materials - corporate gifts and merchandise.

Other than Business cards, leaflets, flyers and posters, businesses can look at corporate gifts and merchandise, these small little things might make a difference when used correctly. Imagine that your potential consumer is using umbrella, pen, measuring tape with your logo printed on it. It still has its magic. 


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As a creative marketing agency, our online marketing services emphasizes on integrated, affordable online marketing for small and large enterprises on the global reach.


  • Research and Map out digital plan for your business
  • Transparent and easy to understand.
  • Increase the traffic through versatile search engine marketing, SEO friendly website, and social media content.



SEO should be approached with mid-to-long term mindset rather than short term objectives. Many agency out there try to do boost their duration to be on the first page of Google as short as possible, By doing so it will be about links building and it will harm your entire site impression with google which might be banned by google. 

Having the right SEO implementation is very important if you wish your website to still be able to generate eye ball from the google search bar. Our SEO team are driven by data to deliver only the best SEO solutions to our clients. 


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is widely used across industries to out-beat competitors in the short term plan. As SEO result usually takes sometime to be able to crawl up to the first page due to highly contested competition among business owners. Ideally SEM and SEO marketing plan should be run concurrently to get the optimal result of the google marketing strategy.

Your business growth matters to us. We do more than merely buying keywords and placing your ads on the search engines. We go beyond the typical campaign metrics like the impression and click through rate. We focus on conversions - which matter the most. 

Get in touch with our team of experts to start your SEO and SEM campaign with us today.

Social Media Optimization


Social media optimization (SMO) is the use of various social media platforms to grow and generate awareness of your brand, products and services, connecting with customers through the communication platform.


  • One stop Management for your Social Media Needs
  • Building an Effective Brand Promotion
  • Strategize viral marketing for your business.
  • Building your digital persona. 
  • Creating series of content using social networking accounts.
  • Customization of your Facebook business page, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube channel.
  • Generate report of your social media users responses. 

“Through Social Media, We Make Your Brand Talk and Listen to What Your Potential Audience Needs”



EVENT Marketing – one the most engaging marketing method used in branding and marketing. Event marketing needs to be supported with Offline and Online marketing to maximise the exposure that it would attract. Strike a note of objectives that you want to achieve through the event rather than just merely the publicity itself.

Be creative Be Innovative.



1) Product Launches. 

2) Seasonal Event

3) Networking Event.

4) Seminar/Fair Trades.


"Innovative and very upfront in contributing ideas to make overall concept workable."

— Denny Steven
Green Garden Residences

"One word. Fabulous! NO REGRET! If you looking for transformation growth, prepared to be surprised what their design can be part of your growth, which we didn't think of it at all."

— Joshua
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"We love the works that's crafted with so much thought and attention. From concept to finish works, it's mind blowing. "

— Jonathan

The journey of thousand miles start with the first step.

Start your first step right with us.

Branding without Marketing Plan is like "Boarding a Cruise Ship" without Destination.

Brand and Marketing Assessment

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