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Growing the Value of your Brand

Branding is not about just only having a nice logo, colour tone, name. Brand doesn't equal to Name only, but its meaning associate to/ the intrinsic value behind the name. At Watermarq, we make sure your investment in your brand to be of value.

Brand is just like Human. There's a personal brand, which widely used among the artists, professional people, and of similar nature. For instance, Elon Musk, Kardashian, Giorgio Armani.  What do you think of these names? Is it just any name that we can think of or there's something that you can tell behind the name.

Brand can add values. and at the same time it can also bring down the value of products or services that is being offered. Imagine that Bata is trying to sell their shoes at the price of Louis Vuitton, or the other way round, don't get me wrong on this, not saying one is more inferior to the other. It's the brand positioning.

Effective branding makes your brand grow exponentially that  allows the brand and the product line to expand. Coca cola not only selling Soda drink, it has multiple different of products. It is a combination of intelligent strategy, creative design and consistent implementation.


What makes us different.

Brand Creation - we start with vision


We don't just create colourful, catchy logo on your brand. We craft story in your brand and make it alive. So that people can bring home 'YOUR STORY' (Brand) and become storyteller of your brand to their circle of influence.

We think that far for you. Your whole identity - your products and packaging, your website, your staff, your customer service build up the good experiences that they have on your brand. It’s about careful planning, strategising and managing all of these to create lasting impression that counts.

We plan and strategise for you. Successful brands ‘own’ a key quality identity among the consumers and prospects. Think Singapore Airline and service excellence and safety, think Nike and winning attitude, think Adidas and Nothing is Impossible, think Audi and luxury performance car.

Conceptualise and Creation.

Planning and Strategising

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Start Branding Journey with Brand Strategy

At Watermarq, we use our 5C methodology: Company, Capabilities, Cultures, Competitors and Customers to create comprehensive plan covering short, mid term and long term goals and objectives.

A well-defined and executed brand strategy will accelerate success of your organisation. Transformation start from inside out, It improves all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs and wants, customer expectations and satisfactions, customer retention and referral.

We as your brand consultant doesn't stop at creating Impression, we want the Impression to Last.

Corporate Branding strengthen the Brand Estate.

Brand Implementation to Brand Growth

Holistic approach. This refers to marketing and branding as a unified whole. Brand implementation is the continuous and consistent application of the brand's image in all business units, communication channels and media, marketing, and events.

No matter how good your plan is, if the implementation is not adequate, it may affect the branding strategy. We take care things from the beginning to the end, from designing to production. It includes retail interior design, event design, project based event - event launches.

With proper implementation, the brand will be easier to grow with people recognition and familiarity.



"Innovative and very upfront in contributing ideas to make overall concept workable."

— Denny Steven
Green Garden Residences

"One word. Fabulous! NO REGRET! If you looking for transformation growth, prepared to be surprised what their design can be part of your growth, which we didn't think of it at all."

— Joshua
Green Forest

"We love the works that's crafted with so much thought and attention. From concept to finish works, it's mind blowing. "

— Jonathan

We Do Everything to make your BRAND as special as YOU.

Let us be your Brand Strategist

With our experiences and works, we can strategise for your Brand from creation to growth.

Brand and Marketing Assessment

Drop us your company website, so we can look at it and give you feedback at NO COST, cos we are happy be able to help.

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